PopupMenu::Options Class Reference

Class used to create a set of options to pass to the show() method. More...

Public Member Functions

 Options ()
Options withTargetComponent (Component *targetComponent) const noexcept
Options withTargetScreenArea (const Rectangle< int > &targetArea) const noexcept
Options withMinimumWidth (int minWidth) const noexcept
Options withMaximumNumColumns (int maxNumColumns) const noexcept
Options withStandardItemHeight (int standardHeight) const noexcept
Options withItemThatMustBeVisible (int idOfItemToBeVisible) const noexcept

Detailed Description

Class used to create a set of options to pass to the show() method.

You can chain together a series of calls to this class's methods to create a set of whatever options you want to specify. E.g.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PopupMenu::Options::Options ( )

Member Function Documentation

Options PopupMenu::Options::withTargetComponent ( Component targetComponent) const
Options PopupMenu::Options::withTargetScreenArea ( const Rectangle< int > &  targetArea) const
Options PopupMenu::Options::withMinimumWidth ( int  minWidth) const
Options PopupMenu::Options::withMaximumNumColumns ( int  maxNumColumns) const
Options PopupMenu::Options::withStandardItemHeight ( int  standardHeight) const
Options PopupMenu::Options::withItemThatMustBeVisible ( int  idOfItemToBeVisible) const

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