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 CAbstractFifoEncapsulates the logic required to implement a lock-free FIFO
 CActionBroadcasterManages a list of ActionListeners, and can send them messages
 CActionListenerInterface class for delivery of events that are sent by an ActionBroadcaster
 CAffineTransformRepresents a 2D affine-transformation matrix
 CLinkedListPointer< ObjectType >::AppenderAllows efficient repeated insertions into a list
 CAppleRemoteDeviceReceives events from an Apple IR remote control device (Only available in OSX!)
 CApplicationCommandInfoHolds information describing an application command
 CApplicationCommandManagerListenerA listener that receives callbacks from an ApplicationCommandManager when commands are invoked or the command list is changed
 CApplicationCommandTargetA command target publishes a list of command IDs that it can perform
 CApplicationPropertiesManages a collection of properties
 CArray< ElementType, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse, minimumAllocatedSize >Holds a resizable array of primitive or copy-by-value objects
 CArray< ActionListener *, DummyCriticalSection >
 CArray< AnimatedPosition::Listener * >
 CArray< ApplicationCommandManagerListener * >
 CArray< AudioIODeviceCallback * >
 CArray< AudioIODeviceType::Listener * >
 CArray< AudioProcessorListener * >
 CArray< AudioSource * >
 CArray< Button::Listener * >
 CArray< ChangeListener * >
 CArray< CodeDocument::Listener * >
 CArray< CodeDocument::Position * >
 CArray< CodeEditorComponent::ColourScheme::TokenType >
 CArray< ColourPoint >
 CArray< ColourSetting, DummyCriticalSection >
 CArray< ComboBox::Listener * >
 CArray< Component * >
 CArray< ComponentPeer * >
 CArray< const PluginDescription * >
 CArray< Desktop::Displays::Display >
 CArray< ElementType, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse >
 CArray< File >
 CArray< FileBrowserListener * >
 CArray< FilenameComponentListener * >
 CArray< FocusChangeListener * >
 CArray< HashEntry * >
 CArray< ImagePixelData::Listener * >
 CArray< int >
 CArray< int, DummyCriticalSection >
 CArray< Item >
 CArray< KeyPress >
 CArray< Label::Listener * >
 CArray< MarkerList * >
 CArray< MarkerList::Listener * >
 CArray< MenuBarModel::Listener * >
 CArray< MidiCallbackInfo >
 CArray< MidiKeyboardStateListener * >
 CArray< MouseInactivityDetector::Listener * >
 CArray< MouseListener * >
 CArray< NamedValue >
 CArray< PositionedGlyph >
 CArray< Range< int > >
 CArray< Rectangle >
 CArray< ScrollBar::Listener * >
 CArray< SelectableItemType >
 CArray< Steinberg::Vst::Event, CriticalSection >
 CArray< String >
 CArray< TableHeaderComponent::Listener * >
 CArray< TextDiff::Change >
 CArray< TextEditor::Listener * >
 CArray< TextLayout::Glyph >
 CArray< ThreadPoolJob * >
 CArray< ThreadRecursionCount >
 CArray< TimeSliceClient * >
 CArray< Type, DummyCriticalSection >
 CArray< uint8 >
 CArray< Value *, DummyCriticalSection >
 CArray< Value::Listener * >
 CArray< ValueTree::Listener * >
 CArray< void * >
 CArray< WeakReference< Component > >
 CAsyncUpdaterHas a callback method that is triggered asynchronously
 CAtomic< Type >Simple class to hold a primitive value and perform atomic operations on it
 CAtomic< int >
 CAtomic< ObjectHolder * >
 COpenGLShaderProgram::AttributeRepresents an openGL vertex attribute value
 CAttributedString::AttributeAn attribute that has been applied to a range of characters in an AttributedString
 CAttributedStringA text string with a set of colour/font settings that are associated with sub-ranges of the text
 CAudioDataThis class a container which holds all the classes pertaining to the AudioData::Pointer audio sample format class
 CAudioDataConvertersA set of routines to convert buffers of 32-bit floating point data to and from various integer formats
 CExtraLookAndFeelBaseClasses::AudioDeviceSelectorComponentMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CAudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetupThis structure holds a set of properties describing the current audio setup
 CAudioFormatSubclasses of AudioFormat are used to read and write different audio file formats
 CAudioFormatManagerA class for keeping a list of available audio formats, and for deciding which one to use to open a given file
 CAudioFormatReaderReads samples from an audio file stream
 CAudioFormatWriterWrites samples to an audio file stream
 CAudioIODeviceBase class for an audio device with synchronised input and output channels
 CAudioIODeviceCallbackOne of these is passed to an AudioIODevice object to stream the audio data in and out
 CAudioIODeviceTypeRepresents a type of audio driver, such as DirectSound, ASIO, CoreAudio, etc
 CAudioPlayHeadA subclass of AudioPlayHead can supply information about the position and status of a moving play head during audio playback
 CAudioPluginFormatThe base class for a type of plugin format, such as VST, AudioUnit, LADSPA, etc
 CAudioPluginFormatManagerThis maintains a list of known AudioPluginFormats
 CAudioProcessorBase class for audio processing filters or plugins
 CAudioProcessorListenerBase class for listeners that want to know about changes to an AudioProcessor
 CAudioProcessorParameterAn abstract base class for parameter objects that can be added to an AudioProcessor
 CAudioSampleBufferA multi-channel buffer of 32-bit floating point audio samples
 CAudioSourceBase class for objects that can produce a continuous stream of audio
 CAudioSourceChannelInfoUsed by AudioSource::getNextAudioBlock()
 CAudioThumbnailCacheAn instance of this class is used to manage multiple AudioThumbnail objects
 CComponent::BailOutCheckerA class to keep an eye on a component and check for it being deleted
 CBigIntegerAn arbitrarily large integer class
 CImage::BitmapDataRetrieves a section of an image as raw pixel data, so it can be read or written to
 CImage::BitmapData::BitmapDataReleaserUsed internally by custom image types to manage pixel data lifetime
 CBlowFishBlowFish encryption class
 CBorderSize< ValueType >Specifies a set of gaps to be left around the sides of a rectangle
 CBorderSize< int >
 CZipFile::BuilderUsed to create a new zip file
 CAudioCDBurner::BurnProgressListenerReceives progress callbacks during a cd-burn operation
 CByteOrderContains static methods for converting the byte order between different endiannesses
 CCachedComponentImageBase class used internally for structures that can store cached images of component state
 CModalComponentManager::CallbackReceives callbacks when a modal component is dismissed
 CCameraDeviceControls any video capture devices that might be available
 CTextDiff::ChangeDescribes a change, which can be either an insertion or deletion
 CChangeBroadcasterHolds a list of ChangeListeners, and sends messages to them when instructed
 CChangeListenerReceives change event callbacks that are sent out by a ChangeBroadcaster
 CCharacterFunctionsA collection of functions for manipulating characters and character strings
 CCharPointer_ASCIIWraps a pointer to a null-terminated ASCII character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
 CCharPointer_UTF16Wraps a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-16 character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
 CCharPointer_UTF32Wraps a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-32 character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
 CCharPointer_UTF8Wraps a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-8 character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
 CChildProcessLaunches and monitors a child process
 CChildProcessMasterActs as the master in a master/slave pair of connected processes
 CChildProcessSlaveActs as the slave end of a master/slave pair of connected processes
 CCodeDocumentA class for storing and manipulating a source code file
 CCodeTokeniserA base class for tokenising code so that the syntax can be displayed in a code editor
 CColourRepresents a colour, also including a transparency value
 CColourGradientDescribes the layout and colours that should be used to paint a colour gradient
 CColoursContains a set of predefined named colours (mostly standard HTML colours)
 CFFT::ComplexA complex number, for the purposes of the FFT class
 CComponentBoundsConstrainerA class that imposes restrictions on a Component's size or position
 CComponentDraggerAn object to take care of the logic for dragging components around with the mouse
 CComponentListenerGets informed about changes to a component's hierarchy or position
 CComponentPeerThe Component class uses a ComponentPeer internally to create and manage a real operating-system window
 CComSmartPtr< ObjectType >
 CAudioProcessorGraph::ConnectionRepresents a connection between two channels of two nodes in an AudioProcessorGraph
 CContainerDeletePolicy< ObjectType >Used by container classes as an indirect way to delete an object of a particular type
 CAnimatedPositionBehaviours::ContinuousWithMomentumA non-snapping behaviour that allows the content to be freely flicked in either direction, with momentum based on the velocity at which it was released, and variable friction to make it come to a halt
 CAudioData::ConverterA base class for objects that are used to convert between two different sample formats
 CCppTokeniserFunctionsClass containing some basic functions for simple tokenising of C++ code
 CCriticalSectionA re-entrant mutex
 CAudioPlayHead::CurrentPositionInfoThis structure is filled-in by the AudioPlayHead::getCurrentPosition() method
 CDatagramSocketA wrapper for a datagram (UDP) socket
 CDecibelsThis class contains some helpful static methods for dealing with decibel values
 CDefaultElementComparator< ElementType >A simple ElementComparator class that can be used to sort an array of objects that support the '<' operator
 CDefaultHashFunctionsA simple class to generate hash functions for some primitive types, intended for use with the HashMap class
 CDeletedAtShutdownClasses derived from this will be automatically deleted when the application exits
 CDirectoryContentsDisplayComponentA base class for components that display a list of the files in a directory
 CDirectoryIteratorSearches through the files in a directory, returning each file that is found
 CDesktop::Displays::DisplayContains details about a display device
 CDragAndDropContainerEnables drag-and-drop behaviour for a component and all its sub-components
 CDragAndDropTargetComponents derived from this class can have things dropped onto them by a DragAndDropContainer
 CDraggable3DOrientationStores a 3D orientation, which can be rotated by dragging with the mouse
 CDropShadowDefines a drop-shadow effect
 CListenerList< ListenerClass, ArrayType >::DummyBailOutCheckerA dummy bail-out checker that always returns false
 CDummyCriticalSectionA class that can be used in place of a real CriticalSection object, but which doesn't perform any locking
 CDynamicLibraryHandles the opening and closing of DLLs
 CEdgeTableA table of horizontal scan-line segments - used for rasterising Paths
 CRelativePointPath::ElementBaseBase class for the elements that make up a RelativePointPath
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class
 CExpressionA class for dynamically evaluating simple numeric expressions
 CVSTPluginFormat::ExtraFunctionsBase class for some extra functions that can be attached to a VST plugin instance
 CExtraLookAndFeelBaseClassesThis class is used to hold a few look and feel base classes which are associated with classes that may not be present because they're from modules other than juce_gui_basics
 CFFTA very minimal FFT class
 CFileRepresents a local file or directory
 CFileBrowserListenerA listener for user selection events in a file browser
 CFileChooserCreates a dialog box to choose a file or directory to load or save
 CFileDragAndDropTargetComponents derived from this class can have files dropped onto them by an external application
 CFileFilterInterface for deciding which files are suitable for something
 CDirectoryContentsList::FileInfoContains cached information about one of the files in a DirectoryContentsList
 CFilenameComponentListenerListens for events happening to a FilenameComponent
 CFileSearchPathRepresents a set of folders that make up a search path
 CFillTypeRepresents a colour or fill pattern to use for rendering paths
 CFloatVectorOperationsA collection of simple vector operations on arrays of floats, accelerated with SIMD instructions where possible
 CFocusChangeListenerClasses can implement this interface and register themselves with the Desktop class to receive callbacks when the currently focused component changes
 CFontRepresents a particular font, including its size, style, etc
 CGenericScopedLock< LockType >Automatically locks and unlocks a mutex object
 CGenericScopedTryLock< LockType >Automatically locks and unlocks a mutex object
 CGenericScopedUnlock< LockType >Automatically unlocks and re-locks a mutex object
 CTextLayout::GlyphA positioned glyph
 CGlyphArrangementA set of glyphs, each with a position
 CGraphicsA graphics context, used for drawing a component or image
 CHashMap< KeyType, ValueType, HashFunctionType, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse >Holds a set of mappings between some key/value pairs
 CHeapBlock< ElementType, throwOnFailure >Very simple container class to hold a pointer to some data on the heap
 CHeapBlock< ActionListener * >
 CHeapBlock< ActionSet * >
 CHeapBlock< AnimatedPosition::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< AnimationTask * >
 CHeapBlock< ApplicationCommandInfo * >
 CHeapBlock< ApplicationCommandManagerListener * >
 CHeapBlock< AttributedString::Attribute * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetup * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioFormat * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioIODeviceCallback * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioIODeviceType * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioIODeviceType::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioPluginFormat * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioProcessorGraph::Connection * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioProcessorGraph::Node * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioProcessorListener * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioProcessorParameter * >
 CHeapBlock< AudioSource * >
 CHeapBlock< BufferedBlock * >
 CHeapBlock< Button::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< ChangeListener * >
 CHeapBlock< char >
 CHeapBlock< char, true >
 CHeapBlock< CodeDocument::Iterator * >
 CHeapBlock< CodeDocument::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< CodeDocument::Position * >
 CHeapBlock< CodeDocumentLine * >
 CHeapBlock< CodeEditorComponent::ColourScheme::TokenType >
 CHeapBlock< CodeEditorLine * >
 CHeapBlock< ColourPoint >
 CHeapBlock< ColourSetting >
 CHeapBlock< ColumnInfo * >
 CHeapBlock< ComboBox * >
 CHeapBlock< ComboBox::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< CommandMapping * >
 CHeapBlock< Component * >
 CHeapBlock< ComponentBuilder::TypeHandler * >
 CHeapBlock< ComponentPeer * >
 CHeapBlock< const float * >
 CHeapBlock< const PluginDescription * >
 CHeapBlock< Desktop::Displays::Display >
 CHeapBlock< DirectoryContentsList::FileInfo * >
 CHeapBlock< DrawableButton * >
 CHeapBlock< ElementType >
 CHeapBlock< File >
 CHeapBlock< FileBrowserListener * >
 CHeapBlock< FilenameComponentListener * >
 CHeapBlock< FilterState >
 CHeapBlock< float * >
 CHeapBlock< float >
 CHeapBlock< FocusChangeListener * >
 CHeapBlock< GlyphInfo * >
 CHeapBlock< HashEntry * >
 CHeapBlock< IIRFilter * >
 CHeapBlock< ImagePixelData::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< int >
 CHeapBlock< Item * >
 CHeapBlock< Item >
 CHeapBlock< ItemInfo * >
 CHeapBlock< ItemLayoutProperties * >
 CHeapBlock< KeyPress >
 CHeapBlock< KeyPressTime * >
 CHeapBlock< KnownPluginList::PluginTree * >
 CHeapBlock< Label::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< LowLevelGraphicsPostScriptRenderer::SavedState * >
 CHeapBlock< MarkerList * >
 CHeapBlock< MarkerList::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< MarkerList::Marker * >
 CHeapBlock< MenuBarModel::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< MidiBuffer * >
 CHeapBlock< MidiCallbackInfo >
 CHeapBlock< MidiInput * >
 CHeapBlock< MidiKeyboardStateListener * >
 CHeapBlock< MidiMessageSequence * >
 CHeapBlock< MidiMessageSequence::MidiEventHolder * >
 CHeapBlock< ModalItem * >
 CHeapBlock< MouseInactivityDetector::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< MouseListener * >
 CHeapBlock< NamedValue >
 CHeapBlock< ObjectClass * >
 CHeapBlock< PanelHolder * >
 CHeapBlock< PluginDescription * >
 CHeapBlock< PositionedGlyph >
 CHeapBlock< ProgressBar * >
 CHeapBlock< Range< int > >
 CHeapBlock< Rectangle >
 CHeapBlock< RelativePointPath::ElementBase * >
 CHeapBlock< ScrollBar::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< SelectableItemType >
 CHeapBlock< Steinberg::Vst::Event >
 CHeapBlock< String >
 CHeapBlock< SwatchComponent * >
 CHeapBlock< SynthesiserSound * >
 CHeapBlock< SynthesiserVoice * >
 CHeapBlock< TabInfo * >
 CHeapBlock< TableHeaderComponent::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< TextButton * >
 CHeapBlock< TextDiff::Change >
 CHeapBlock< TextEditor * >
 CHeapBlock< TextEditor::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< TextLayout::Glyph >
 CHeapBlock< TextLayout::Line * >
 CHeapBlock< TextLayout::Run * >
 CHeapBlock< ThreadPoolJob * >
 CHeapBlock< ThreadPoolThread * >
 CHeapBlock< ThreadRecursionCount >
 CHeapBlock< ThumbData * >
 CHeapBlock< ThumbnailCacheEntry * >
 CHeapBlock< Timer * >
 CHeapBlock< TimeSliceClient * >
 CHeapBlock< ToolbarItemComponent * >
 CHeapBlock< TreeViewItem * >
 CHeapBlock< Type >
 CHeapBlock< uint32 >
 CHeapBlock< uint8 >
 CHeapBlock< UniformTextSection * >
 CHeapBlock< UnitTestRunner::TestResult * >
 CHeapBlock< Upload * >
 CHeapBlock< Value * >
 CHeapBlock< Value::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< ValueTree::Listener * >
 CHeapBlock< void * >
 CHeapBlock< WeakReference< Component > >
 CHeapBlock< ZipEntryHolder * >
 CCharacterFunctions::HexParser< ResultType >
 CHighResolutionTimerA high-resolution periodic timer
 CIdentifierRepresents a string identifier, designed for accessing properties by name
 CIIRCoefficientsA set of coefficients for use in an IIRFilter object
 CIIRFilterAn IIR filter that can perform low, high, or band-pass filtering on an audio signal
 CImageHolds a fixed-size bitmap
 CImageCacheA global cache of images that have been loaded from files or memory
 CImageConvolutionKernelRepresents a filter kernel to use in convoluting an image
 CImageEffectFilterA graphical effect filter that can be applied to components
 CImageFileFormatBase-class for codecs that can read and write image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, etc
 CComponentBuilder::ImageProviderThis class is used when references to images need to be stored in ValueTrees
 CImageTypeThis base class is for handlers that control a type of image manipulation format, e.g
 CTextEditor::InputFilterBase class for input filters that can be applied to a TextEditor to restrict the text that can be entered
 CInputSourceA lightweight object that can create a stream to read some kind of resource
 CInputStreamThe base class for streams that read data
 CInterprocessConnectionManages a simple two-way messaging connection to another process, using either a socket or a named pipe as the transport medium
 CInterProcessLockActs as a critical section which processes can use to block each other
 CApplicationCommandTarget::InvocationInfoContains contextual details about the invocation of a command
 CIPAddressAn IPV4 address
 CMidiBuffer::IteratorUsed to iterate through the events in a MidiBuffer
 CCodeDocument::IteratorIterates the text in a CodeDocument
 CHashMap< KeyType, ValueType, HashFunctionType, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse >::IteratorIterates over the items in a HashMap
 CListenerList< ListenerClass, ArrayType >::Iterator< BailOutCheckerType, ListType >Iterates the listeners in a ListenerList
 CPath::IteratorIterates the lines and curves that a path contains
 CJavascriptEngineA simple javascript interpreter!
 CThreadPool::JobSelectorA callback class used when you need to select which ThreadPoolJob objects are suitable for some kind of operation
 CJSONContains static methods for converting JSON-formatted text to and from var objects
 CJUCEApplicationBaseAbstract base class for application classes
 CJustificationRepresents a type of justification to be used when positioning graphical items
 CKeyboardFocusTraverserControls the order in which focus moves between components
 CKeyListenerReceives callbacks when keys are pressed
 CExtraLookAndFeelBaseClasses::KeyMappingEditorComponentMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CKeyPressRepresents a key press, including any modifier keys that are needed
 CLagrangeInterpolatorInterpolator for resampling a stream of floats using 4-point lagrange interpolation
 CExtraLookAndFeelBaseClasses::LassoComponentMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CLassoSource< SelectableItemType >A class used by the LassoComponent to manage the things that it selects
 CDialogWindow::LaunchOptionsThis class defines a collection of settings to be used to open a DialogWindow
 CLeakedObjectDetector< OwnerClass >Embedding an instance of this class inside another class can be used as a low-overhead way of detecting leaked instances
 CLine< ValueType >Represents a line
 CTextLayout::LineA line containing a sequence of glyph-runs
 CLinkedListPointer< ObjectType >Helps to manipulate singly-linked lists of objects
 CLinkedListPointer< XmlAttributeNode >
 CLinkedListPointer< XmlElement >
 CListBoxModelA subclass of this is used to drive a ListBox
 CAnimatedPosition< Behaviour >::ListenerImplement this class if you need to receive callbacks when the value of an AnimatedPosition changes
 CMenuBarModel::ListenerA class to receive callbacks when a MenuBarModel changes
 CMarkerList::ListenerA class for receiving events when changes are made to a MarkerList
 CComboBox::ListenerA class for receiving events from a ComboBox
 CLabel::ListenerA class for receiving events from a Label
 CSlider::ListenerA class for receiving callbacks from a Slider
 CTableHeaderComponent::ListenerReceives events from a TableHeaderComponent when columns are resized, moved, etc
 CTextEditor::ListenerReceives callbacks from a TextEditor component when it changes
 CCodeDocument::ListenerAn object that receives callbacks from the CodeDocument when its text changes
 CAudioIODeviceType::ListenerA class for receiving events when audio devices are inserted or removed
 CCameraDevice::ListenerReceives callbacks with images from a CameraDevice
 CValue::ListenerReceives callbacks when a Value object changes
 CValueTree::ListenerListener class for events that happen to a ValueTree
 CScrollBar::ListenerA class for receiving events from a ScrollBar
 CMouseInactivityDetector::ListenerClasses should implement this to receive callbacks from a MouseInactivityDetector when the mouse becomes active or inactive
 CButton::ListenerUsed to receive callbacks when a button is clicked
 CListenerList< ListenerClass, ArrayType >Holds a set of objects and can invoke a member function callback on each object in the set with a single call
 CListenerList< AnimatedPosition::Listener >
 CListenerList< ApplicationCommandManagerListener >
 CListenerList< AudioIODeviceType::Listener >
 CListenerList< Button::Listener >
 CListenerList< ChangeListener >
 CListenerList< CodeDocument::Listener >
 CListenerList< ComboBox::Listener >
 CListenerList< FileBrowserListener >
 CListenerList< FilenameComponentListener >
 CListenerList< FocusChangeListener >
 CListenerList< ImagePixelData::Listener >
 CListenerList< Label::Listener >
 CListenerList< MarkerList::Listener >
 CListenerList< MenuBarModel::Listener >
 CListenerList< MouseInactivityDetector::Listener >
 CListenerList< MouseListener >
 CListenerList< ScrollBar::Listener >
 CListenerList< TextEditor::Listener >
 CListenerList< Value::Listener >
 CListenerList< ValueTree::Listener >
 CLocalisedStringsUsed to convert strings to localised foreign-language versions
 CLoggerActs as an application-wide logging class
 CImageButton::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CFilenameComponent::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CConcertinaPanel::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CScrollBar::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide scrollbar-drawing functionality
 CStretchableLayoutResizerBar::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CPopupMenu::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide menu drawing functionality
 CTableHeaderComponent::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CPropertyComponent::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CComboBox::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide ComboBox functionality
 CProgressBar::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CSlider::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide slider drawing functionality
 CTabbedButtonBar::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide window drawing functionality
 CTextEditor::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide TextEditor drawing functionality
 CToolbar::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CTreeView::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide treeview drawing functionality
 CAlertWindow::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide alert-window drawing functionality
 CCallOutBox::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CDocumentWindow::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide window drawing functionality
 CResizableWindow::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide window drawing functionality
 CTooltipWindow::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide window drawing functionality
 CBubbleComponent::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CLabel::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide label drawing functionality
 CGroupComponent::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes
 CFileBrowserComponent::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide various file-browser layout and drawing methods
 CButton::LookAndFeelMethodsThis abstract base class is implemented by LookAndFeel classes to provide button-drawing functionality
 CLowLevelGraphicsContextInterface class for graphics context objects, used internally by the Graphics class
 CMACAddressRepresents a MAC network card adapter address ID
 CMarkerList::MarkerRepresents a marker in a MarkerList
 CMarkerListHolds a set of named marker points along a one-dimensional axis
 CWeakReference< ObjectType, ReferenceCountingType >::MasterThis class is embedded inside an object to which you want to attach WeakReference pointers
 CMatrix3D< Type >A 4x4 3D transformation matrix
 CMD5MD5 checksum class
 CMemoryBlockA class to hold a resizable block of raw data
 CMemoryMappedFileMaps a file into virtual memory for easy reading and/or writing
 CPopupMenu::MenuItemIteratorAllows you to iterate through the items in a pop-up menu, and examine their properties
 CMessageListenerMessageListener subclasses can post and receive Message objects
 CMessageManagerThis class is in charge of the application's event-dispatch loop
 CMessageManagerLockUsed to make sure that the calling thread has exclusive access to the message loop
 CMidiBufferHolds a sequence of time-stamped midi events
 CMidiMessageSequence::MidiEventHolderStructure used to hold midi events in the sequence
 CMidiFileReads/writes standard midi format files
 CMidiInputRepresents a midi input device
 CMidiInputCallbackReceives incoming messages from a physical MIDI input device
 CMidiKeyboardStateRepresents a piano keyboard, keeping track of which keys are currently pressed
 CMidiKeyboardStateListenerReceives events from a MidiKeyboardState object
 CMidiMessageEncapsulates a MIDI message
 CMidiMessageSequenceA sequence of timestamped midi messages
 CModalCallbackFunctionThis class provides some handy utility methods for creating ModalComponentManager::Callback objects that will invoke a static function with some parameters when a modal component is dismissed
 CModifierKeysRepresents the state of the mouse buttons and modifier keys
 CMountedVolumeListChangeDetectorAn instance of this class will provide callbacks when drives are mounted or unmounted on the system
 CMouseCursorRepresents a mouse cursor image
 CMouseEventContains position and status information about a mouse event
 CMouseInputSourceRepresents a linear source of mouse events from a mouse device or individual finger in a multi-touch environment
 CMouseListenerA MouseListener can be registered with a component to receive callbacks about mouse events that happen to that component
 CMouseWheelDetailsContains status information about a mouse wheel event
 CMultiTimerA type of timer class that can run multiple timers with different frequencies, all of which share a single callback
 CNamedPipeA cross-process pipe that can have data written to and read from it
 CNamedValueSetHolds a set of named var objects
 Cvar::NativeFunctionArgsThis structure is passed to a NativeFunction callback, and contains invocation details about the function's arguments and context
 CNativeMessageBoxThis class contains some static methods for showing native alert windows
 CNewLineThis class is used for represent a new-line character sequence
 CNormalisableRange< ValueType >Represents a mapping between an arbitrary range of values and a normalised 0->1 range
 COpenGLContextCreates an OpenGL context, which can be attached to a component
 COpenGLFrameBufferCreates an openGL frame buffer
 COpenGLGraphicsContextCustomShaderUsed to create custom shaders for use with an openGL 2D rendering context
 COpenGLHelpersA set of miscellaneous openGL helper functions
 COpenGLPixelFormatRepresents the various properties of an OpenGL pixel format
 COpenGLRendererA base class that should be implemented by classes which want to render openGL on a background thread
 COpenGLShaderProgramManages an OpenGL shader program
 COpenGLTextureCreates an openGL texture from an Image
 CTreeViewItem::OpennessRestorerThis handy class takes a copy of a TreeViewItem's openness when you create it, and restores that openness state when its destructor is called
 COptionalScopedPointer< ObjectType >Holds a pointer to an object which can optionally be deleted when this pointer goes out of scope
 COptionalScopedPointer< AudioFormatReader >
 COptionalScopedPointer< AudioSource >
 COptionalScopedPointer< Component >
 COptionalScopedPointer< InputStream >
 COptionalScopedPointer< OutputStream >
 COptionalScopedPointer< PositionableAudioSource >
 COptionalScopedPointer< PropertySet >
 COptionalScopedPointer< TextEditor::InputFilter >
 CPopupMenu::OptionsClass used to create a set of options to pass to the show() method
 COutputStreamThe base class for streams that write data to some kind of destination
 COwnedArray< ObjectClass, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse >An array designed for holding objects
 COwnedArray< ActionSet >
 COwnedArray< AnimationTask >
 COwnedArray< ApplicationCommandInfo >
 COwnedArray< AttributedString::Attribute >
 COwnedArray< AudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetup >
 COwnedArray< AudioFormat >
 COwnedArray< AudioIODeviceType >
 COwnedArray< AudioPluginFormat >
 COwnedArray< AudioProcessorGraph::Connection >
 COwnedArray< AudioProcessorParameter >
 COwnedArray< BufferedBlock >
 COwnedArray< CodeDocument::Iterator >
 COwnedArray< CodeDocumentLine >
 COwnedArray< CodeEditorLine >
 COwnedArray< ColumnInfo >
 COwnedArray< ComboBox >
 COwnedArray< CommandMapping >
 COwnedArray< Component >
 COwnedArray< ComponentBuilder::TypeHandler >
 COwnedArray< DirectoryContentsList::FileInfo >
 COwnedArray< DrawableButton >
 COwnedArray< GlyphInfo >
 COwnedArray< IIRFilter >
 COwnedArray< Item >
 COwnedArray< ItemInfo >
 COwnedArray< ItemLayoutProperties >
 COwnedArray< KeyPressTime >
 COwnedArray< KnownPluginList::PluginTree >
 COwnedArray< LowLevelGraphicsPostScriptRenderer::SavedState >
 COwnedArray< MarkerList::Marker >
 COwnedArray< MidiBuffer >
 COwnedArray< MidiInput >
 COwnedArray< MidiMessageSequence >
 COwnedArray< MidiMessageSequence::MidiEventHolder >
 COwnedArray< ModalItem >
 COwnedArray< PanelHolder >
 COwnedArray< PluginDescription >
 COwnedArray< ProgressBar >
 COwnedArray< RelativePointPath::ElementBase >
 COwnedArray< SwatchComponent >
 COwnedArray< SynthesiserVoice >
 COwnedArray< TabInfo >
 COwnedArray< TextButton >
 COwnedArray< TextEditor >
 COwnedArray< TextLayout::Line >
 COwnedArray< TextLayout::Run >
 COwnedArray< ThreadPoolThread >
 COwnedArray< ThumbData >
 COwnedArray< ThumbnailCacheEntry >
 COwnedArray< Timer >
 COwnedArray< ToolbarItemComponent >
 COwnedArray< TreeViewItem >
 COwnedArray< UniformTextSection >
 COwnedArray< UnitTestRunner::TestResult, CriticalSection >
 COwnedArray< ZipEntryHolder >
 CAudioProcessorEditor::ParameterControlHighlightInfoUsed by the setParameterHighlighting() method
 CReverb::ParametersHolds the parameters being used by a Reverb object
 CTypeHelpers::ParameterType< Type >The ParameterType struct is used to find the best type to use when passing some kind of object as a parameter
 CPathA path is a sequence of lines and curves that may either form a closed shape or be open-ended
 CPathFlatteningIteratorFlattens a Path object into a series of straight-line sections
 CPathStrokeTypeDescribes a type of stroke used to render a solid outline along a path
 CPerformanceCounterA timer for measuring performance of code and dumping the results to a file
 CPixelAlphaRepresents an 8-bit single-channel pixel, and can perform compositing operations on it
 CPixelARGBRepresents a 32-bit INTERNAL pixel with premultiplied alpha, and can perform compositing operations with it
 CPixelRGBRepresents a 24-bit RGB pixel, and can perform compositing operations on it
 CPluginDescriptionA small class to represent some facts about a particular type of plug-in
 CPluginDirectoryScannerScans a directory for plugins, and adds them to a KnownPluginList
 CKnownPluginList::PluginTreeA structure that recursively holds a tree of plugins
 CPoint< ValueType >A pair of (x, y) coordinates
 CPoint< float >
 CPoint< int >
 CPopupMenuCreates and displays a popup-menu
 CCodeDocument::PositionA position in a code document
 CPositionedGlyphA glyph from a particular font, with a particular size, style, typeface and position
 CComponent::PositionerBase class for objects that can be used to automatically position a component according to some kind of algorithm
 CPrimesPrime number creation class
 CProcessRepresents the current executable's process
 CPropertySetA set of named property values, which can be strings, integers, floating point, etc
 CQuaternion< Type >Holds a quaternion (a 3D vector and a scalar value)
 CQuaternion< GLfloat >
 CRandomA random number generator
 CRange< ValueType >A general-purpose range object, that simply represents any linear range with a start and end point
 CRange< double >
 CRange< int >
 CRange< int64 >
 CAudioFormatReader::ReadHelper< DestSampleType, SourceSampleType, SourceEndianness >Used by AudioFormatReader subclasses to copy data to different formats
 CReadWriteLockA critical section that allows multiple simultaneous readers
 CRecentlyOpenedFilesListManages a set of files for use as a list of recently-opened documents
 CRectangle< ValueType >Manages a rectangle and allows geometric operations to be performed on it
 CRectangle< int >
 CRectangleList< ValueType >Maintains a set of rectangles as a complex region
 CRectangleList< int >
 CRectanglePlacementDefines the method used to postion some kind of rectangular object within a rectangular viewport
 CReferenceCountedArray< ObjectClass, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse >Holds a list of objects derived from ReferenceCountedObject, or which implement basic reference-count handling methods
 CReferenceCountedArray< AudioProcessorGraph::Node >
 CReferenceCountedArray< SynthesiserSound >
 CReferenceCountedArray< Upload >
 CReferenceCountedObjectA base class which provides methods for reference-counting
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< ReferenceCountedObjectClass >A smart-pointer class which points to a reference-counted object
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< AsyncUpdaterMessage >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< BlockingMessage >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< ImagePixelData >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< ReferenceCountedObject >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< RootObject >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< SharedFontInternal >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< SharedObject >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< SharedPointer >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< SynthesiserSound >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< Term >
 CReferenceCountedObjectPtr< Value::ValueSource >
 CRelativeCoordinateExpresses a coordinate as a dynamically evaluated expression
 CDrawableShape::RelativeFillTypeA FillType wrapper that allows the gradient coordinates to be implemented using RelativePoint
 CRelativeParallelogramA parallelogram defined by three RelativePoint positions
 CRelativePointAn X-Y position stored as a pair of RelativeCoordinate values
 CRelativePointPathA path object that consists of RelativePoint coordinates rather than the normal fixed ones
 CRelativeRectangleA rectangle stored as a set of RelativeCoordinate values
 CRelativeTimeA relative measure of time
 CResultRepresents the 'success' or 'failure' of an operation, and holds an associated error message to describe the error when there's a failure
 CReverbPerforms a simple reverb effect on a stream of audio data
 CRSAKeyRSA public/private key-pair encryption class
 CTextLayout::RunA sequence of glyphs with a common font and colour
 CComponent::SafePointer< ComponentType >Holds a pointer to some type of Component, which automatically becomes null if the component is deleted
 CComponent::SafePointer< AudioProcessorEditor >
 CComponent::SafePointer< Component >
 CExpression::ScopeWhen evaluating an Expression object, this class is used to resolve symbols and perform functions that the expression uses
 CScopedAutoReleasePoolA handy C++ wrapper that creates and deletes an NSAutoreleasePool object using RAII
 CScopedJuceInitialiser_GUIA utility object that helps you initialise and shutdown Juce correctly using an RAII pattern
 CInterProcessLock::ScopedLockTypeAutomatically locks and unlocks an InterProcessLock object
 CDummyCriticalSection::ScopedLockTypeA dummy scoped-lock type to use with a dummy critical section
 CScopedPointer< ObjectType >This class holds a pointer which is automatically deleted when this object goes out of scope
 CScopedPointer< ActionBroadcaster >
 CScopedPointer< ActiveProcess >
 CScopedPointer< AlertWindow >
 CScopedPointer< Attachment >
 CScopedPointer< AudioFormatReader >
 CScopedPointer< AudioIODevice >
 CScopedPointer< AudioProcessor >
 CScopedPointer< AudioSampleBuffer >
 CScopedPointer< AudioSource >
 CScopedPointer< BehindFrontTabComp >
 CScopedPointer< BubbleMessageComponent >
 CScopedPointer< Buffer >
 CScopedPointer< Button >
 CScopedPointer< ButtonListenerProxy >
 CScopedPointer< CachedWindow >
 CScopedPointer< CallbackHandler >
 CScopedPointer< CallbackHelper >
 CScopedPointer< CaretComponent >
 CScopedPointer< Colour >
 CScopedPointer< ColourGradient >
 CScopedPointer< ColourSpaceView >
 CScopedPointer< ComboBox >
 CScopedPointer< Component >
 CScopedPointer< Connection >
 CScopedPointer< ConnectionThread >
 CScopedPointer< Desktop::Displays >
 CScopedPointer< DirectoryContentsDisplayComponent >
 CScopedPointer< DirectoryContentsList >
 CScopedPointer< DirectoryIterator >
 CScopedPointer< DirectShowComponentWatcher >
 CScopedPointer< DirectShowContext >
 CScopedPointer< DragImageComponent >
 CScopedPointer< Drawable >
 CScopedPointer< DropShadower >
 CScopedPointer< FFTConfig >
 CScopedPointer< Font >
 CScopedPointer< GutterComponent >
 CScopedPointer< GZIPCompressorHelper >
 CScopedPointer< GZIPDecompressHelper >
 CScopedPointer< HintingParams >
 CScopedPointer< HueSelectorComp >
 CScopedPointer< Image::BitmapData::BitmapDataReleaser >
 CScopedPointer< InputSource >
 CScopedPointer< InputStream >
 CScopedPointer< InsertPointHighlight >
 CScopedPointer< KeyPressMappingSet >
 CScopedPointer< KnownPluginList::CustomScanner >
 CScopedPointer< Label >
 CScopedPointer< LevelDataSource >
 CScopedPointer< ListViewport >
 CScopedPointer< LocalisedStrings >
 CScopedPointer< LookAndFeel >
 CScopedPointer< LowLevelGraphicsContext >
 CScopedPointer< MemoryBlock >
 CScopedPointer< MemoryMappedFile >
 CScopedPointer< MidiInputSelectorComponentListBox >
 CScopedPointer< MidiOutput >
 CScopedPointer< MouseInputSource::SourceList >
 CScopedPointer< MouseListener >
 CScopedPointer< MultipleInstanceHandler >
 CScopedPointer< NamedPipe >
 CScopedPointer< OutputStream >
 CScopedPointer< PanelSizes >
 CScopedPointer< Pimpl >
 CScopedPointer< PositionableAudioSource >
 CScopedPointer< PropertiesFile >
 CScopedPointer< PropertySet >
 CScopedPointer< RelativeCoordinatePositionerBase >
 CScopedPointer< RelativePointPath >
 CScopedPointer< ResizableBorderComponent >
 CScopedPointer< ResizableCornerComponent >
 CScopedPointer< SavedState >
 CScopedPointer< Scanner >
 CScopedPointer< ScrollbarButton >
 CScopedPointer< SharedObjectType >
 CScopedPointer< Slider >
 CScopedPointer< StandalonePluginHolder >
 CScopedPointer< StreamingSocket >
 CScopedPointer< TabBarButton >
 CScopedPointer< TabbedButtonBar >
 CScopedPointer< TabbedComponent >
 CScopedPointer< TableListBoxModel >
 CScopedPointer< TargetGroupHighlight >
 CScopedPointer< TextEditor >
 CScopedPointer< TextEditor::InputFilter >
 CScopedPointer< TopLevelItem >
 CScopedPointer< TreeViewport >
 CScopedPointer< Viewport >
 CScopedPointer< XmlElement >
 CScopedReadLockAutomatically locks and unlocks a ReadWriteLock object
 CGraphics::ScopedSaveStateUses RAII to save and restore the state of a graphics context
 CScopedValueSetter< ValueType >Helper class providing an RAII-based mechanism for temporarily setting and then re-setting a value
 CScopedWriteLockAutomatically locks and unlocks a ReadWriteLock object
 CSHA256SHA-256 secure hash generator
 CSharedResourcePointer< SharedObjectType >A smart-pointer that automatically creates and manages the lifetime of a shared static instance of a class
 CSingleThreadedReferenceCountedObjectAdds reference-counting to an object
 CSlider::SliderLayoutA struct defining the placement of the slider area and the text box area relative to the bounds of the whole Slider component
 CTypeHelpers::SmallestFloatType< Type >These templates are designed to take a type, and if it's a double, they return a double type; for anything else, they return a float type
 CTypeHelpers::SmallestFloatType< double >
 CAnimatedPositionBehaviours::SnapToPageBoundariesA behaviour that gravitates an AnimatedPosition object towards the nearest integer position when released
 CSortedSet< ElementType, TypeOfCriticalSectionToUse >Holds a set of unique primitive objects, such as ints or doubles
 CSortedSet< ActionListener * >
 CSortedSet< ColourSetting >
 CSortedSet< Value * >
 CDragAndDropTarget::SourceDetailsContains details about the source of a drag-and-drop operation
 CSparseSet< Type >Holds a set of primitive values, storing them as a set of ranges
 CSparseSet< int >
 CSpinLockA simple spin-lock class that can be used as a simple, low-overhead mutex for uncontended situations
 CStandalonePluginHolderAn object that creates and plays a standalone instance of an AudioProcessor
 CCodeEditorComponent::StateCan be used to save and restore the editor's caret position, selection state, etc
 CPerformanceCounter::StatisticsHolds the current statistics
 CStreamingSocketA wrapper for a streaming (TCP) socket
 CStretchableLayoutManagerFor laying out a set of components, where the components have preferred sizes and size limits, but where they are allowed to stretch to fill the available space
 CStretchableObjectResizerA utility class for fitting a set of objects whose sizes can vary between a minimum and maximum size, into a space
 CStringThe JUCE String class!
 CStringArrayA special array for holding a list of strings
 CCppTokeniserFunctions::StringIteratorA class that can be passed to the CppTokeniserFunctions functions in order to parse a String
 CStringPairArrayA container for holding a set of strings which are keyed by another string
 CStringPoolA StringPool holds a set of shared strings, which reduces storage overheads and improves comparison speed when dealing with many duplicate strings
 CStringRefA simple class for holding temporary references to a string literal or String
 CRelativeCoordinate::StringsA set of static strings that are commonly used by the RelativeCoordinate class
 CExpression::SymbolRepresents a symbol that is used in an Expression
 CSynthesiserBase class for a musical device that can play sounds
 CSynthesiserVoiceRepresents a voice that a Synthesiser can use to play a SynthesiserSound
 CSystemAudioVolumeContains functions to control the system's master volume
 CSystemClipboardHandles reading/writing to the system's clipboard
 CSystemStatsContains methods for finding out about the current hardware and OS configuration
 CTableListBoxModelOne of these is used by a TableListBox as the data model for the table's contents
 CTemporaryFileManages a temporary file, which will be deleted when this object is deleted
 CUnitTestRunner::TestResultContains the results of a test
 CTextDiffCalculates and applies a sequence of changes to convert one text string into another
 CTextDragAndDropTargetComponents derived from this class can have text dropped onto them by an external application
 CTextEditorKeyMapper< CallbackClass >This class is used to invoke a range of text-editor navigation methods on an object, based upon a keypress event
 CTextInputTargetAn abstract base class which can be implemented by components that function as text editors
 CTextLayoutA Pre-formatted piece of text, which may contain multiple fonts and colours
 CThreadEncapsulates a thread
 CAudioFormatWriter::ThreadedWriterProvides a FIFO for an AudioFormatWriter, allowing you to push incoming data into a buffer which will be flushed to disk by a background thread
 CThreadLocalValue< Type >Provides cross-platform support for thread-local objects
 CThreadPoolA set of threads that will run a list of jobs
 CThreadPoolJobA task that is executed by a ThreadPool object
 CTimeHolds an absolute date and time
 CTimerMakes repeated callbacks to a virtual method at a specified time interval
 CTimeSliceClientUsed by the TimeSliceThread class
 CToolbarItemFactoryA factory object which can create ToolbarItemComponent objects
 CTooltipClientComponents that want to use pop-up tooltips should implement this interface
 CTracktionMarketplaceKeyGenerationContains static utilities for generating key-files that can be unlocked by the TracktionMarketplaceStatus class
 CTracktionMarketplaceStatusContains information about whether your app has been unlocked for the current machine, and handles communication with the web-store to perform the unlock procedure
 CTreeViewItemAn item in a treeview
 CComponentBuilder::TypeHandlerThe class is a base class for objects that manage the loading of a type of component from a ValueTree
 CUndoableActionUsed by the UndoManager class to store an action which can be done and undone
 COpenGLShaderProgram::UniformRepresents an openGL uniform value
 CUnitTestThis is a base class for classes that perform a unit test
 CUnitTestRunnerRuns a set of unit tests
 CTracktionMarketplaceStatus::UnlockResultThis provides some details about the reply that the server gave in a call to attemptWebserverUnlock()
 CURLRepresents a URL and has a bunch of useful functions to manipulate it
 CUuidA universally unique 128-bit identifier
 CValueRepresents a shared variant value
 CValueTreeA powerful tree structure that can be used to hold free-form data, and which can handle its own undo and redo behaviour
 CMarkerList::ValueTreeWrapperForms a wrapper around a ValueTree that can be used for storing a MarkerList
 CDrawable::ValueTreeWrapperBaseInternal class used to manage ValueTrees that represent Drawables
 CvarA variant class, that can be used to hold a range of primitive values
 CVector3D< Type >A three-coordinate vector
 CVector3D< GLfloat >
 CExpression::Scope::VisitorUsed as a callback by the Scope::visitRelativeScope() method
 CWaitableEventAllows threads to wait for events triggered by other threads
 CWeakReference< ObjectType, ReferenceCountingType >This class acts as a pointer which will automatically become null if the object to which it points is deleted
 CWeakReference< ActionBroadcaster >
 CWeakReference< ApplicationCommandTarget >
 CWeakReference< Component >
 CWeakReference< InterprocessConnection >
 CWeakReference< LookAndFeel >
 CWeakReference< MessageListener >
 CWhirlpoolWhirlpool hash class
 CWindowsRegistryContains some static helper functions for manipulating the MS Windows registry (Only available on Windows, of course!)
 CAudioFormatWriter::WriteHelper< DestSampleType, SourceSampleType, DestEndianness >Used by AudioFormatWriter subclasses to copy data to different formats
 CXmlDocumentParses a text-based XML document and creates an XmlElement object from it
 CXmlElementUsed to build a tree of elements representing an XML document
 CZipFile::ZipEntryContains information about one of the entries in a ZipFile
 CZipFileDecodes a ZIP file from a stream
 CResizableBorderComponent::ZoneRepresents the different sections of a resizable border, which allow it to resized in different ways